Keep in mind that it has been sitting and it's dusty, dirty & filthy!

We don't want to sell it but we no longer have a running truck to pull it.
We have a mini horse bumper pull. It's 5' tall inside. And fairly wide. NOT including the tongue it's 16'6" long.
In the front are two straight load stalls with mangers. Actual stalls with a divider. Each has a separate solid door that goes to the floor. Each stall also have doors that open to the outside.
The thing about doors that go to the floor is there is no gap for feet, legs or horses to get caught and hurt under. A very rare and good thing to have!

Then there is a middle bigger stall.
Then there is a big back stall. You can either pin the divider doors open to make one big space, or close them.

There is a clip to hold back the divider if you want it open and tie rings down both sides.

The top part of the rear door opens so you can check horses without having to let down the ramp.
It has 2 sets of wheels in the back. Great for safety in case of a flat tire. Tires look to be in good shape in spite of sitting so long.
It has sliding windows on the sides and vents on the roof.
It's back comes down in a ramp. A nice wide ramp. The very top part of the rear door is a door you can open to check horses or give them air while you're parked.
Built on is a cart winch so you can get carts on top. There is a cart rack on top that has tie down loops. It looks like the rack could hold 2 carts.
There are rubber mats inside too.

There is a storage in the very front and two toolboxes near the rear.
Depending on the size of the minis, it can hold 6-8 horses.

This has been a great trailer for us and has made many easy trips. Yes it has some rust but the floor is solid and it's well built. It was an easy pull for out truck. Located in OK. $2500

We couldn't let down the ramp because we can't pull it away from the fence (no truck) And it's on a hill, keep that in mind when seeing the photos :) This is a good solid trailer! Just blast & paint and it'll be worth a LOT and look great! SOME OF WHAT YOU SEE IS DIRT!
Side stall door
Showing side stall door
Inside front stall showing manger & divider
Storage in the front
tool box
Showing side stall
The top
Showing with center stall door now closed. So you have the 2 front stalls, the big middle one and a big stall in the back too.
Showing wood in side stall with rubber mat pulled up.
Showing wood floor with rubber mats flipped up. Don't mind the dirt!
Showing inside with the front stall doors now closed. The swinging center door is clipped to the side to hold it open. You can either have the two big stalls open as one, or closed.
Showing inside with all doors open. Looking to inside the front stalls.
Good tread on tires!
If interested EMAIL ME!!!!!!!