It was getting rough after 5 AM. I got scared and called K at 5:16 AM and while I was on the phone with him.....The SOUND!!! I've heard tons of storms in OK over 20+ years. But this was different! Around 5:20 AM I yelled into the phone it sounds like a train! I started to cry a little. I was scared and upset, worried about if Kismet had taken her colt into the barn for shelter or not and about the kittens on the front porch. But I couldn't go out there then. Good thing I didn't.
At daylight I went out and found damage. We had JUST moved our mare & foal out of that pen (foaling pen next to the house) and was about to move in Ava to watch but hadn't yet. THANK GOD it was empty!!!
You can see that the little round foaling pen next to my house is like now. We had closed off some driveway next to it so my mare & colt could graze some grass that is there. LOOK at my 34" mare and colt and where they HAD been and how close they came to being very hurt or killed!
The trailer had been parked up the driveway. The wind pushed it straight back 22 FEET!
May 21 2013
pen they had been in
Mare & colt
<-------foaling pen. Can't see but some fence is on the trailer fender----------->
Where I sit in room & was sitting when it happened
The trailer had been parked 22 ft , up by those trees & was pushed by the wind.
Our stuff blown there by the wind.
Trailer had been parked
<---skid mark
<----------Trailer pushed back to here