Everything on these boxes were made by hand! (except the fairy)
With matching earrings!
A hand painted cat pin! FOR SALE!! $18
Excuse the flash shine!
Email me to order a CUSTOM box. I can make almost anything you want!
I have these wooden boxes in these sizes
1.75" tall by 3.5" wide & 2.3/8" deep (like the box with the cat face)
2.5" tall by 5" wide & 3.5" deep (like the white horse head box)
3.5" tall by 6" wide & 4.75" deep (like the "Ray" box)
Hand sculpted and painted! LOOK at the whiskers!!!
Small sized box
Small sized box
Medium sized box
Medium sized box
Large sized box
Other things I've done
Out of clay using just a toothpick and my fingers, I sculpted this HEART. It is 1.5" by 1.5".
I then made a mold of it. I still must re-sculpt each one after it's molded. They are labor intensive!!
Then I paint the horses however the buyer wants!
To look like YOUR horses! OR In crazy fantasy colors! Stars? Blue eyes? You name it and I'll paint it!

EARRINGS...........$25.00 (they are light to wear)
BARRETTE..........$17.50 (the barrette costs me $2.50 to buy)
I can make this into a magnet or on a wooden trinkt box like the ones below too!

I'd need a little bit for postage too, but not much :)
As earrings!
As a necklace!
Before painting
As a barrette
As a pin
Hand sculpted Art, jewelry, Crafts.
Welcome! Please know that the horse head pins and boxes art I show here were all (so far) commissioned. They were all made BY HAND with just my fingures and a few tools. I will work hard to make for you something special and ONE OF A KIND!
Just give me a holler and let me know what you might like!
The Hand sculpted horsehead pins below are only 3"!
I can make earrings and necklaces too!
Click here to EMAIL ME!
Below are things I've already made. They are small things. Each one hand made with nothing but my fingers, a tooth pick and a clay tool!
Here are custom pieces!
MY sculpting work put on 5x7 photo frames! Custom painted for you! Let me do one for you!