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April 8 2010~~Robin, I LOVE this filly I bought from you!! She's even more beautiful than her photos showed, and so refined! Very well-behaved and sweet as well. I believe that she would do very well in the show ring and hope to prove that very thing this year. Someone mentioned recently that your main stallion, Lotto, is one of the most under-appreciated stallions out there and I very much agree. I would have to add that you are one of the most under-appreciated breeders out there. You have great horses and your honesty in selling them is very refreshing. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Lori Lancaster, Magic Mist Miniatures
2009 Robin,
Once again I want to thank you for allowing me to purchase Sophie from you. I know how much you love her and feel honored that you trust me enough to let her come live with me. You have become a super friend to me over the past year since I first purchased Whyspy last April and would be lost without your guidance. And you know that I will probably still come up with more questions for you in the future. :)

Sophie is really more awesome than you let on and I just love her! When you said that she had a wonderful roadster trot, you weren’t kidding. I can’t wait to see the foal that she and Lotto can make together. Between the two of them, this foal will be a driving horse deluxe for sure!

I loved getting to visit with you and Karrel and meet all of your horses in person. They really are the friendliest group of horses that I have met. I can really tell that they truly are your “children” and are treated as such.

I can’t wait to get the opportunity to come back for another visit and purchase another ROKO horse. In the meantime you need to take down your website before everybody else realizes what wonderful horses you have and snatches them up for themselves! JK!
Nov 2009 Hey Robin, I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I like my 2 girls that were delivered over the weekend. You were very honest about them and answered all of my questions adequately and I really appreciate it. It is tough knowing who you can trust when you are just dealing over the internet, but I would definitely buy from you guys again. This makes 3 of your horses that I have bought and I am tickled with each one. The horses were all fat, well socialized and healthy when they stepped off the trailer, and all the paperwork was in order. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Take care and thanks a bunch! Pam TENNESSEE
2009 Hi Robin, I just wanted to tell others what a nice experience it was to purchase my two lovely girls from you. And also to thank your husband Karrel for meeting me half way, he's a real nice man by the way, but your a very sweet and caring person and I can tell you have such a love for your horses. I would highly recommend you to someone. Many thanks to you both and I'm quite sure I'll be back in the future....
2009 I am watching my two beautiful ROKO mini’s running around their field on a horrible rainy day in GA and my heart swells with gratitude and wonder that Robin has let me have these two little guys.

After months of searching, trying to find an Arab type little stallion to start my mini herd I came across Robin’s website. Her horses were beautiful, but most of all her love and attention to her horses came through on every page of the site. And there he was, at the bottom of the 2nd sale page!! Indy just caught my eye with his cheeky little face and blue eyes. He was so refined but at only 26” at 16 months he would stay tiny!

At first I was scared to contact Robin, knowing that I would need to pay for him over time, and would not be able to see him in ‘person’. After reading her reference page my hopes were raised, but I had contacted other breeders who were not very receptive or informative.

Thank God I did! Robin has been so patient and understanding, standing behind us through various difficulties including a car wreck in Dec and another with the truck we were using to come get the boys a week before we were due to travel! She has answered all my stupid questions and put me on the right track to giving both boys a good start in their new home.

Robin also encouraged me to provide Indy with a companion, and when a friend of mine’s mini proved to be unsuitable offered me Mojo at a very reasonable price to continue to be Indy’s buddy. And then ran around getting blood pulled for coggins, health papers and all the other necessary stuff done for two minis just a week before the shippers arrived.

A lot of horsey friends recoiled in horror when I explained I was buying these guys sight unseen from hundreds of emails and a few pictures so I waited in trepidation…and then they walked off the horse truck and I cried with tears of joy. They were much better than any picture could portray. Indy is so refined and tiny with the perfect head and when he naturally sets up he is awesome. Mojo is also very pretty and correct with long legs and a perfect topline and sweetest personality…he has to have to put up with Indy’s pranks!

Thank you Robin and Karrel for these two little guys, they are perfect. Thank you for helping us so much through the problems of getting them here and most of all Thank you for trusting me with your horses, I know how much you love them all, it shows in how you do business and the quality of your horses.

Molly & Steve Marshall
Milamber Minis
Cochran, GA
2008 Robin & Karrel,
I can't say thank you enough for allowing us to purchase Whisp and add her to our family. She is beautiful and has the best personality. I know that she will make a wonderful show horse and a great future broodmare. You provided more information and pictures about her than you had to. And you & Karrel were so thoughtful and accomodating by meeting us halfway to deliver Whisp to us when you didn't have to.
All of the advice and support that you have given me in the recent weeks is priceless and I would be lost without you. I am so grateful for the new friendships that I have made.
Thank You Again,
Julie Miller
2010~ We just brought a pinto colt from Robin Olmstead of ROKO Miniatures and he is what I have been looking for several years now. He is a beautiful Black & white pinto with the most beautiful two blue eyes and he is a small son of Lotto/Nort. Robin was extremely helpful in all aspect of our business dealings. In this business of miniatures that sometimes can end up having a bad deal or experience, but it was truly a great “PLEASURE DOING BUSINESS” with Robin. She is a very honest woman who makes sure her clients or her new friend knows exactly what you are buying from her. She takes pride in the horses she raises and sales, but mostly I would not hesitate in sending my friends to Robin to purchase a mini. “THANK-YOU MRS ROBIN OLMSTEAD” for making my buying experiences a Great Pleasure and we do love our new little man, Bubba. I will keep in touch as he grows up and matures as you now have a new friend.
Darro Miniature Horse Farm
Houston, TX.
Keep up the good work you do with your horses! Each and everyone of them have such a great attitudes. And don't forget BEAUTIFUL!! We are very happy with our little boy. I thank you so much for letting us get "Our" :] King Of Magic!! We look forward to showing him here pretty quick and after awhile we will use him as our herd sire. I can't wait to see what he will throw!! I will defenitly be back for another beautiful baby. Thank you so much for working with us and showing us all your pretty ( and handsome ) horses.
Thank You So Much! Rebecca " CrossFireMiniatures "
I recently purchased a mini and then another and one day in 2008 after I had been to visit with Robin and her husband Karrel to see the new foals I fell in love with one tiny black and white filly - I had to have her she was so tiny and perfect and full of personailty just the kind of attitudes I like. I spoke with Robin and she was so great to work with. She let me make payments and keep my new filly at her farm for a reasonable boarding fee til I was able to get her moved home.
Purchasing a horse has never been so easy and enjoyable and I dont think I have ever met or had the privlege of knowing two of the most honest and trustworthy horse people and because of that a great friendship has grown over the years and helped me make the decision to buy a horse from them. Thank you Robin and Karrel for allowing me to purchase Mimi from you and trusting her in my care that she is goin to be the "DIVA" of the farm.

2010--Hello I wanted to send a reference for the 3 horses I bought from Robin. I am very satisfied. Everything was well done, the papers, health papers, etc. The horses were as Robin told me in her emails and even more beautiful in person. The horses arrived in very very good condition and you could tell they care for their minis. I recommend people to buy from this farm. I liked doing business with them, they were very good to deal with. These are people who are true to their word. Thank you a lot I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with my new miniatures!
Rejeant Lassonde and Chantale, QUEBEC CANADA
Robin, Thank you so much for allowing Missy to come home with us. What a sweetheart of a mare, sweetness written all over her pretty face. I appreciate all of the extra information and how easy it was to work everything out with you. Missy is very easy going and enjoys people!
Paula Marouk
Coweta, OK
Today I met the most wonderful person, who enjoys and loves raising Miniatures, and not just any Minis but QUALITY Minis. As I walked thru Robin's Mini Horse Ranch I was actually drooling over the beautiful colors and personalities of each and every horse she owned. Her web site doesn't do any of them justice! They are all well taken care of, well fed, excellent shelter, clean water, and given lots of love! I got to meet RHA Lotto Locomotion who was a perfect gentleman as well as ROKO Lotto Splash of Perfection who is even more beautiful in person!

I bought a young stallion from Robin, 'ROKO Phantom Eagle Feather' who had never been in a trailer nor wore a halter except for photos, and she was able to walk up to him and explain what she wanted from him and then managed to get him to do exactly that, enter the trailer, and the ride home was great, I was more stressed about his ride than he was, when we arrived he walked off the trailer like it was nothing to him.

ROKO Phantom Eagle Feather has a beautiful natural stance that will make him an excellent show horse as well as breeder, look for him on the show road as I am expecting great things from him.

If you decide to do business with Robin you are in good hands, Robin is professional and honest, and very organized with her paperwork.

Sabrina Drewery
Lazy D Acres
May 2012
I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with you on our purchase of Sparky. He is fitting in with the rest of the herd very well. He is good with the new foals too.
I haven't had a chance to hook him to the cart and drive him but, I have had the harness on him and did hook him to the cart and walked behind the cart. He did very well.
A friend of mine that does driving walked behind the cart driving him and she was very impressed by how easy he was to handle. You made the whole transaction very smooth and pleasant.
I would gladly recommend you to people I know. Thank you

Lauen's Frantastic
Mini Horses
Aug, 20,2012 Robin, I am sending you an email to let you know how much I love the three horses I got from you. I also want to tell you many thanks for you working with me while I was waiting on my money. You walked me through the whole process, getting the paper work done,working with the hauler,and giving me all the medical advice for them. I was a little concerned about buying horses without seeing them in person,but you were great and I trusted you fully. I belive the best compliment I can pay you is everything went so smoothly that I will be checking with you next spring to see what you have for sale. Again I want say I love my horses and really enjoyed working with you. May you have many foals next year. Many thanks IRA
July 2012
I purchased a 2 year old mini colt in July, 2012 from Roko Minis. I am most happy with him and Robin was very helpful in getting me all the info I needed prior to purchasing him. All paperwork was in order and he is just gorgeous. She even drove to meet me partway with the colt, which was a great help as well. He was exactly as described by her and I look forward to his colorful babies in the future! Thank you Robin of ROKO Minis!

Tessa Neighbors
Prickly Pear Prairie Miniature Horses
Dec. 2012 I want to thank Robin for my amazing colt. Robin was a pleasure to work with as I made my decision. She was incredibly patient answering my questions, measuring horses and providing me with additional photos. Not once did she pressure me during the process. My colt made a long trip to Vermont and he stepped off the trailer happy and confident. He took no time at all to adjust to his new surroundings. Not only is he beautiful but he also has the most amazing friendly, confident personality.
I would definitely recommend purchasing a horse from Robin. Not only will you get an awesome horse but you'll be purchasing from an incredible breeder.

Sara Kellogg, PlayTime Miniature Horses
Nov 14 2012 Robin is Completely Wonderful to Work with :) & Completely Honest. Plus she has WONDERFUL Horses all of them are Show Quality and a lot of them are Wildly Marked! I Would buy another Horse from her in a Heart Beat <3 Her Horses are worth More then her Asking Prices! I bought ROKO Lotto Blue Willow Keepsake (a Stunning Silver Dapple Pinto) from her and When I saw her I wished I would have gone ahead and Bought One of half Sisters I had my Eye On! Robin has a Great Eye for Conformation, & I personally Believe that Everyone Needs one of Nort's Kids!!!
Desert Realm Miniatures
My Story... It started as an impossible task ahead of me, how to make my daughter's dream of owning a Miniature horse a reality. My daughter was born with a high functioning form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome. I've never been able to connect or bond with her because of it, very very sad to never cuddle or hug your child. Awhile back I bought a miniature mare and realized that my daughter's eyes lit up whenever the little mare was around. My daughter started asking for her own Mini and started to connect with me because of her desire in the little horses. So my impossible task was to find a breeder. Where I had bought my mare they had no others to go up for sale. I knew I wanted a young one so they could make a stronger bond. So I started looking. First in my own area then farther out from state to state. Some Breeders darn near laughed at me, some wanted huge amounts of money for there little ones that frankly weren't that impressive to me, and even more couldn't be bothered with me due to the fact I wasn't a show home and I had too many questions. So farm after breeder farm I was turned down, many many emails lay cold in my inbox as the days past and I was ignored. I was ready to give up and I gave it one more try in a Ranch that was called ROKO minis. Omg their horses were amazing, gorgeous and they were half way across the country. "Yeah," I thought, "This is never going to happen" but I was gonna give it just one more shot. I sent an email and thought to myself another dead end as I looked at my daughter come alive over my mini, and knew I was going to loose the connection with her, my heart was breaking. That night, not even the next day but that night the owner Robin contacted me, the feeling of winning the lottery and Christmas all wrapped into one hit me when she said yes, she had the young colt I was interested in, yes it was at a price I could afford and yes she was here to help in anyway possible!!! Yes!! Yay!!! I was over the moon happy.
She was true to her word too, I must have sent that woman 40 emails and she patiently answered every one, I had no idea how to get the horse from Oklahoma to Washington state, and she held my hand through the whole process with that too, she arranged everything and is the most kindest warm hearted lady you'll ever come across. She put my faith back in the breeders of these little horses. I feel I not only gained a miniature colt but a true friend in Robin. Without her I could have never made my daughters dream come true. I would have given up if not for a caring breeder of such beautiful animals. Was it worth it? Omg YES!! Cuz my daughter who is now 17 but functions as a ten year old, my daughter who I've never got a hug from or a kiss from, my daughter who can't look people in the eye, after the colt got here and she spent hours with it, when I went out to check on them she came running up to me with tears in her eyes looked at me, grabbed and hugged me and for the first time she kissed my cheek.
For that Robin I am eternally grateful and I can't thank you enough for making a mother and daughter connect for the first time :) my daughter named the little guy Starbuck and they are both bonding and blossoming in ways that I can only say.
Miracles do still happen, sometimes they come in a little furry package and delivered by an angel called Robin and ROKO Miniature Horses.
Written by Elise Hogue